Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Friends" Without Benefits

Truth be told, Friends With Kids is not the type of movie I usually enjoy. BUT I was happy to give it a shot, if for no other reason than it having a cast full of very funny people. At the very least I should get a few laughs out of it, right?

If you've seen the trailer, then you know the basic plot. And it is that....basic. Best friends Jason and Julie (Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt) both seem lost in the treacherous waters of "dating," even though they are not in a hurry to get married. However, both of them would like to have children before they get much older. The solution: Jason and Julie will have a child together but not seek out a relationship together. This plan will hopefully help them avoid all the pitfalls that marriages go through when a child enters the equation. They will be platonic parents.

OK. There's the whole movie. Everything you expect to happen will happen. And don't get me wrong - "predictability" in a film is not necessarily bad, so long as it's pulled off well. The main problem for me with this movie is that I just didn't care. There was no reason for me to care about these people or what they were doing. Thus, the movie had essentially ZERO emotional resonance. I won't even get into the story being arguably (unintentionally) insulting.

The cast is still as good as they could be considering there was nothing to work with. The high points in the film come from Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd, who provide some of the only genuine laughs and are the only really likeable couple. However, it wasn't nearly enough to save this boring, pointless, uneven, trope-inundated waste of time. I don't know how many times I'm going to have to watch Annie Hall to rid myself of this cinematic stink.


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I hadn't heard of this until last weekend when I saw it was showing here. It had some allure, but I sort of feared it might be a bomb. Something about having almost 100% of the same cast as Bridesmaids (which I liked) made me skeptical about what merits it could have beyond the cast. Not sure why. But I'll take your advice and not waste my time.

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