Monday, January 30, 2012


Those who have savored the delectable ode to art, love and nostalgia that is Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris will surely remember Adrien Brody's delightfully inspired portrayal of that luminaries of luminaries, Salvador Dali. Having descended into the rabbit hole of Youtube last night I came upon an interview with Dali from 1958 on "The Mike Wallace Interview." Two things are of special note in this clip, though the whole thing is well worth watching: First, Dali both refers to himself in the third person and also seems genuinely intrigued by rhinoceroses, their horns in particular. These, he claims, are a symbol of chastity due to their geometric curve, which also corresponds to the geometric curve of the cauliflower. Second, the beginning of the program is a perfect example of the late 50's - early 60's sanguine cool that makes Mad Men so enjoyable. Wallace's line before the interview begins: "My name is Mike Wallace, the cigarette... is Parliament." Those, indeed, were the days.

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