Saturday, December 03, 2011

You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet: Episode 5

Today's Episode: "Over & Under"

For our current episode of You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet, you will come to learn quite a bit more about how we think about movies. And what better way to understand a film critic, or any movie lover, than by hearing what movies they feel are overrated and underrated? We're going to attempt here to be as forthcoming as possible while also being as reasonable as possible, because far too many critics have this air of superiority that is extremely off-putting. It's also something that I think hurts film criticism as a whole. We hope to continue to promote communication among all fans of cinema, as much as it can be facilitated through a film blog. So please listen and enjoy, even if you disagree - and chances are that you'll disagree with at least a couple things in this episode. We also will define an important term in the lexicon of our critical theory. Finally, as per usual, we end with a very special (and sleazy) Bourbon. Cheers!

Inception review
John Waters videos
John Waters: Then & Now


agust symeon said...

I hope our listeners can discern when we go somewhat over the top for aesthetic effect. I think our brand of humor toys with the kind of irony that dances on the line of imitation and mimicry. It's a funny line, as long as people realize that you're dancing on it and not toppling over it.

We look forward to hearing your reactions, as always.


Reido Bandito said...

Al Jolson, too!

Wallace said...

While most of the "Timber Wolves" you reviewed were "critically acclaimed" or generally accepted as higher end films, I felt that Avatar did not belong in this list (not that your review wasn't accurate.) I think that most people that have a decent understanding of movies could see that Avatar was just a Sci-Fi popcorn film, similar to your standard action film, or the majority of other sci-fi and fantasy films. The other films, I was somewhat surprised at being labeled as TWs, but I thought Avatar was already pretty apparent.

Reido Bandito said...

I think for a lot of people it's particularly apparent now. But at the time, it was receiving a lot of critical acclaim too. I mean it won 3 Academy Awards. In theory it was an inch away from even winning Best Picture! But even aside from the Oscars, it won a number of other awards.
That being said, it's entirely possible for a movie to be overrated and not be "timberwolves".
You're one of the good ones, Wally.