Monday, January 24, 2011

Ebert and Walter Murch on the awfulness of 3D

Few things in the development of film have been as ridiculous and childish as 3D. A gimmick to begin with, the past year or two saw an upsurge of voices claiming 3D would soon become the norm for film as a medium of art, especially after James Cameron's Avatar (a terrible film in any dimension) did rather well at the Box Office. Thanks be to the movie gods, it now seems that most sensible people have realized that there is no qualitative difference between the current 3D technology and that of 50's House of Wax fame, a childish distraction that has nothing to do with good cinematography, storytelling or conveying what is beautiful.

Roger Ebert, a longtime foe of the trend towards 3D, recently received a letter on his blog from Academy Award winning editor and sound designer Walter Murch. The letter is definitely worth a read and is a sensible summary of why 3D doesn't work either aesthetically or even biologically.

Here's hoping that 3D will soon be sent to the churchyard of bad ideas along with smell-o-vision.


siggi_magg said...

A valid and good criterion why 3D films don‘t work, but I don’t agree with him or you that 3D is doomed just as it was in the early 1950‘s and 60‘s.

The primary reason why 3D fails is that it is an illusion we are not accustom to and as soon as the illusion of 3D wears off we discard it and the film, if a child would only watch 3D films from birth that would become the new specificity of film. That‘s why in a few years when we will have both television programs and sports entertainment in 3D we will accept it more easily in films, and then the 3d technique will only become another accessory for the filmmakers to use but no longer can a film become bad just because it is shot in that format.

agust symeon said...

Blah! Humbugg! This 3D TV idea is even worse than the damn 3D cinemas. Are people actually going to be wearing those idiotic glasses in their living room?

To amend for this craziness and appease the movie gods filmmakers should only be allowed to make films in B&W with no CGI for a year.