Friday, December 31, 2010

You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet: Episode 3

The long wait is over: here is the latest episode of our podcast. It's WAY overdue, unfortunately. Actually, it was recorded around early November (=yikes). But hey, get over it.

For this episode we return to horror movies. Ya know, since around the corner.....yeah. We discuss some of our favorite movies of the genre, why we feel they are hands down better than a lot of others, and how horror movies can be extremely profound. Also, we address some reader questions. How exciting! So if you have any random questions or topic suggestions, send 'em on in. And two more lucky people get the coveted Glass of Bourbon poured in their honor.

On a technical note, it is obviously clear at this point that iTunes is censoring our podcast. Our ideas must be too far out there, too radical. At least that's why I'd like to think we haven't been approved for a few months. Sigh....Until we get that worked out, you can manually subscribe to our podcast in iTunes via our podcast RSS. Or you can continue to listen to it or download it here.


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[Edit: The film mentioned that James Whale directed is called The Old Dark House. So there.]

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