Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sanity prevails!

The ridiculous and Kafkaesque bureaucracy that is the MPAA recently and infamously slapped the dreaded NC-17 rating on the upcoming festival darling Blue Valentine, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The ruling met with an unanimous outcry from the film community seeing as how the film portrays nothing more serious or shocking than two adults engaged in consensual sex portrayed in a scene that, from all accounts, is neither exploitive nor superficial but rather immensely sensitive and essential to the thematic content of the film.

The NY Times Carpetbagger today announced that the rare moment of sanity prevailed in this crazy world of ours when the MPAA rescinded their decision, granting an R rating to the film, due out December 31st.

The whole fiasco is further evidence that the puritanical, corporate-driven MPAA should be done away with entirely. The best option for a ratings system would possibly be an independent panel of filmmakers, critics and theorists (along with, perhaps, artists and poets of other mediums) who could give an advisory rating for parents. Given the puritanical nature of much of American culture there is not much of a chance of this happening. Hopefully, though, the Blue Valentine ruling will be the start of a trend towards filmmakers and distributors having more of a say in the ratings system.


Jeremy said...

have you seen this film is not rated by kevin smith (silent bob)? it is coming up soon in my netflix queue, it sounds interesting. it is a commentary on the MPAA system.

also, is blue valentine a reference to the tom waits musical/record with the same title?

Reido Bandito said...

I have not seen that movie, but I may watch it soon too (also on the netflixes). I hear it's decent.

As for Tom Waits - we can only hope.

agust symeon said...

That album has one of my favorite songs on it, "A Christmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis." Ah, what a lovely tune. One of the saddest, most tender moments in any song I have heard is the admission that her nonexistent husband "don't play the trombone."

hey Charley
for chrissakes
do you want to know
the truth of it?
I don't have a husband
he don't play the trombone
and I need to borrow money
to pay this lawyer
and Charley, hey
I'll be eligible for parol

Haukur said...

Somebody posted this on Facebook the other day. This is the best Tom Waits live clip I've seen so far: