Friday, December 24, 2010

A blessed Nativity to all

Tomorrow we celebrate the incarnation of the divine Logos, the coming of the unapproachable one in the form of a human child. All of creation is infused with divine energies, matter and spirit become one and the glory of God fills the cosmos. 

"I behold a strange but very glorious mystery:
Heaven -- the cave;
The throne of the Cherubim -- the Virgin.
The manger -- the receptacle in which Christ our God,
Whom nothing can contain, is lying".

(Eastern Orthodox Nativity Hymn)

If you are a follower of The Way and will be entering into this mystery through the prayers, rituals and rites of your church we wish you a blessed season and hope you will appropriate the sanctifying grace flowing from this holy day. To our non-Christian readers we also wish a peaceful and happy time with family and friends and a happy new year. 

Whatever our religion I know that all of us love good Christmas films. Here are a few choice scenes from three of my favorites. Enjoy! Peace to all!


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