Friday, October 22, 2010

You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet: Episode 2

We know you've all be anxiously awaiting the latest episode from our podcast. Well, REJOICE - here it is! For this edition, we decided to talk about one of the most popular shows to be associated with PBS. No, it's not the Lawrence Welk Show. I'm of course talking about At the Movies.

I have written previously about the show, but we decided to dedicate this episode to the show and its hosts, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. We recorded in a different location this time, which is presumably better than my living room. It's also longer than last time, clocking in at about 1.5 hours. And yes, you HAVE to listen to the whole thing straight through. If you have any thoughts on the episode, substantial or technical, let us know. Here ya go:

(Direct Download)


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Trailer for Auschwitz:

Preview for the upcoming return of At the Movies:


Joe Lavers said...

Great episode, but I'd very much like to be able to subscribe in iTunes.

Reido Bandito said...

Thank you much! We're working on the iTunes thing. Should not be that far away.

ross charles said...

This was great, guys. I think from now on, you should start titling each episode with a favorite quote from the episode. For example:

I Never Miss an Oprah: You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet, Episode Two.