Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're still here dammitt!

Our readers have probably noticed that there has been little (to none) activity at Light Within Light for a while. The reasons (excuses) are as follows:

a) Life. Busy, strange, exciting, terrifying. Having children and trying to hang on to precarious positions in a bureaucratic, uptight society. Life is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but just very, very busy at the moment. Hopefully things will quiet down a bit in the next few weeks.

b) Revamps to the blog. That's right, Light Within Light will be undergoing some serious facelifts soon. We hope the result will be a kind of architectural reconstruction resulting in something simple and beautiful whilst making the site more accessible and user-friendly.

c) Podcast. We're working on the second episode of our podcast right now which should be hitting your auditory senses by next weekend. It was a joy to record. The bourbon flowed, the jokes were bad and the tobacco as dark as our philosophically mangled hearts.

That being said, and all excuses aside, we love writing on films and would like to become a bit more dedicated to it. We have therefore decided to make our contributions to the blog more regular. There will be two regular updates to the blog each week, one on Mondays and the other on Fridays. At first these will be a variety of different categories, including the Glass of Bourbon, reviews and thoughts and musings. Later on we may try to standardize the time in which each of these are updated. The first update should be arriving this coming Thursday (9/17).

Finally, we are hoping to recruit other writers for the page, including a resident expert on kick-ass cinema. These will either be allotted a regular position on the blog, if they so wish, or simply take on the mantle of guest contributors. Light within Light are also proud to announce that we have become the exclusive distributor of the famed Gonzo writings of Icelandic musician/filmmaker/poet/writer/critic Haukur Viðar Alfreðsson, whose webpage "The Elitist Hen" can be found here. Haukur writes in Icelandic so we at Light Within Light thought it would be a great contribution to discussion of film to translate some of his writings for those of you who are Icelandic-impaired.

So please keep tuned. As always, we appreciate any comments, thoughts, discussions, prayers, criticisms and encouragements you may have.

Agust & Reid

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