Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inception achieves its true form

The much lauded (and around these parts, much maligned) Christopher Nolan film Inception is apparently metamorphosing into a video game, at least if Gen-X auteur Nolan has his way. Having not seen the film (and having no desire to, though I'll probably force myself to sit through it once it comes out on DVD) I can't really chime in on the film's supposed merits, or lack thereof, but I will say that certain scenes from the trailer looked very video game-esque; not unlike scenes from The Matrix, a similarly (over?)hyped piece of cinema (although that one starred the thespian's thespian, Keanu Reeves, which by default made it great).

Dark Horizons has the scoop.


Haukur said...


Repeated jabs (thinly disguised as sarcasm) at a movie you haven't seen really hurt your credibility as a "film-critic".

In my humble opinion that is...

That being said, Inception is totally "Timberwolves", but with your poor eyesight you're probably going to love it.

agust symeon said...

Haukur, aside from the title of the piece (which is, I admit, a little smart-alecky) what exactly did you find so sarcastic?

Haukur said...

1) I was being half-serious

2) The whole entry was scattered with tiny little particles of snobbery

3) That, however, is greatly appreciated

4) But maybe it wouldn't be if I didn't know you personally

5) You should jump ship and join The Elitist Hen instead

6) You are also dumb

7) That was a joke

Haukur said...

P.S: Check out my awesome new blog-header!!

ross charles said...

come on, kids...

As for an Inception video game, it's probably a great idea; I wish it would have started out as a video game idea and not gotten further than that.

Really, though, the idea of the movie lends itself to the mental exercise and far-fetched moral 'dilemma's' that seem to be involved in many video games. And since the movie never developed into anything beyond that, and because it was so grossly open-ended (not to mention some pretty great visuals), I think it would be a good fit. In fact, maybe Nolan should just go the route of video games altogether...

Disclaimer: I don't play video games, which obviously hurts my credibility on video games. But I never had any credibility there to begin with.

agust symeon said...

Haukur, I knew you were only half-serious but I was still concerned that I was coming off as being sarcastic when I didn't intend to be. I will admit that the tone of our writing is often playfully snobbish (which is different from sarcasm... and I really hope people get the playful part). I would like to point out, though, that there is a flipside to the "snobbishness" of both this site and your own writings, which is that we aren't actually being snobbish at all, except perhaps in the context of a society and a culture where art and beauty are completely dismissed. So anyone who takes film, for example, halfway seriously and actually tries to offer thoughtful analyses and interpretations of said art is by default a snob and an elitist (elitist hen, even). The sad fact is that the lowest common denominator has become so prevalent that anything that attempts to transcend the anti-intellectual cultural norm (ably represented by my good friend Mike the Situation from Jersey Shore) is labeled snobbish.

Ross, thank you, you captured what I was trying to get across very efficiently.