Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hail Ebert!

Roger Ebert - who is little by little becoming a kind of shaman/sage of cinema with his absurdly wonderful writings and meditations on art, life and cinema - has just written a great piece on "A campaign for real movies:"

One hope I have for the investment so many theaters made in 3D projectors is that the big-budget, tentpole Hollywood films will simply dislodge themselves entirely from the art that is cinema and acknowledge that they are nothing more than gimmicky roller coaster rides for bored adolescents. There no longer seems to be any connection between something as headache-inducing as Avatar, Alice in Wonderland or Clash of the Titans and an actual, real films made with compassion, empathy and a sense of beauty. We can now simply safely consider big budget, CGI-driven 3D monstrosities as nothing but entertainment (basically non-interactive video-games) and get on with watching real films by real people. Many of today's big-budget Hollywood films make the action movies of the 80's seem on par with Ozu and Fellini.

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ross charles said...

ha! great post...i couldn't agree more. hopefully i'll get around to the ebert article.