Saturday, December 05, 2009

JR on JR: See RT

I certainly have enjoyed Jason Reitman's movies - Thank You for Smoking and Juno. And I expect to also enjoy Up in the Air. But then I read stuff like the following and wish that I hadn't. They are quotes from an interview on Rotten Tomatoes:

Jason Reitman: And I'm growing a patch of tomatoes. I love it.

That's true. We're running out of awards to give you. If you could just make one bad film, that'd really help us.

[laughs] That'd be useful? You mean you don't send people trophies for the really bad ones?! By the way, Jennifer's Body really f***ed up my curve -- I was a producer. When you click on me, you count that in my sh**. It brought my numbers down. I was kind of upset by that! Up in the Air is like 95% [at the time of the interview], Juno is 93%, Smoking is 85% or 86%. My director numbers are strong.

As a producer, not so much.

[laughs] Well, I produced Up in the Air, too! I'm like a 75% overall.

Do you keep an eye on your Tomatometer, then?

Oh, absolutely. I'm always very aware of my Tomato rating [...] The only way of measuring the culmination of your reviews is Rotten Tomatoes. Even though I decide for myself if I'm going to see a movie, it's nice to go on there and see, "How is this going to fare?"


r. charles said...

well thanks for ruining it for everyone else, reid.

as a contrast, though, i heard some interviews with reitman on npr this week and that's part of what makes me want to see the it's a toss-up. i still want to see it. maybe it depends on the interviewer to bring the best or worst out of someone.

R Logan L said...

fair enough...i'll chose to accept that